Year of Transformation


I considered calling this post “Broken Promises” because it is so like me to make a huge deal about making a blog, and then never actually post on my blog. Welcome back: here you can expect lowered expectations and never-ending procrastination by yours truly!

To justify my unjustifiable absence, here is a plethora of excuses:

  • When I started my blog, I was unemployed, and thus thought I would have more free time than I do.
  • I have a career now, so… less time to blog.
  • I’ve lost 38 pounds – that didn’t keep me from writing blog posts, but I just really like telling people. We’ll get into that later.
  • Truthfully I don’t know what I’m doing here, so I don’t know what to write about. That’s the only real reason if we’re being honest with ourselves.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s jump right into things. Year of Transformation – what does that mean? Am I being dramatic? Always. Is it still true? This time, yes. 2017 was a huge year for me. I began January of 2017 as a student teacher. I taught for the first time in a real classroom.  I was the maid-of-honor in one of my best friend’s wedding.  As time progressed, I accomplished more and more. I taught for the last time in a real classroom. I completed four TPA’s. I walked out of that miserable credential program with my middle finger in the air (figuratively, of course. Still needed those letters of recommendation!) I laughed a lot, I danced, I loved, I sang (karaoke is not for the weak,) and I cried – a lot. I took my life back into my hands in 2017. I strengthened my relationship with God, I struggled with unemployment, and then I scored the best career in the world. I came to the harsh realization that I never have to go back to school if I don’t want to. And then I cried some more. I received the niece I’ve been begging for in the midst of my three nephews. I took classes, I taught myself how to use Excel (kinda,) I dyed my hair blue, I drove 6 hours to Tucson alone, then with my favorite person in the world. I re-watched Game of Thrones, and I cried some more. I made new friends, I was finally financially stable enough to say the phrase “first round is on me!” and mean it. I educated myself. I argued, I grew. I faced fears, and watched a movie about an evil clown. I went to Knott’s Scary Farm. I went to Knott’s Merry Farm. I found confidence within myself that I never knew existed. I had surgery. I lost 51 pounds from December 2016 to December 2017. I brought in the New Year completely alone, and surrounded by people I loved all at the same time. I cried. And I laughed. And I wouldn’t change a single thing.

So here is to 2018, may the new year bring more weight loss, more money, more laughter, more growth, and more joy, and leave the crying to 2017.


I Have Arrived.


Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

In my personal opinion, there comes a time in every writer’s life where they feel the need to create something of this nature: a blog, a journal, a podcast, anything to let go of those random thoughts, feelings, metaphors, and homicidal tendencies.
… Just kidding. We don’t actually think in metaphors.

So here I am: This is my moment. My time. I’m here, and I’m ready to see where this journey takes me. So let’s dive in, shall we? This blog will (hopefully) consist of the following things – let’s be honest though, I’ve always been more of a pantser than a planner, so this could turn into a blog on why water simultaneously tastes good and tastes like nothing at the same time. And even I won’t know about it until it happens. Welcome to the world of Trislyn’s brain. Take a seat. Stay for a while.
Tentative Topics:

  • Life as a should-be/would-be/wannabe writer.
  •        Breaking Barriers: diving into stigmas and trying to understand them better.
  •        Updates on the happenings of my life.
  •        How to’s and whatnot.

See ya next time!